Come and succeed in your digital transformation
Published on 09/11/2021

DPO Consulting Sud-Ouest will appear at Num’Expo – Digital tools trade show dedicated to small businesses! Come and meet Ouafae Jarri who will be available to answer all your questions about GDPR compliance.

Supported by the Occitanie Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts and its partners, Num’Expo offers an immersive and interactive 100% digital experience to help small businesses go digital.

Meet us on November 15 and 16 to participate live on the dedicated platform, which is open from November 15 to December 15.

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9:15-10:00 am
Roundtable 1
The Challenges of the DPO Profession
Guests: Patricia Campos from Aesio Group and Kélig Dugue from Fives

10:00-10:30 am
E-privacy and commercial prospecting presentation./p>

10:45-11:30 am
Roundtable 2
Guests: Carole Chartier from PSA and Attorney Romain Waiss Moreau

12:00-12:30 pm
IoT blockchain presentation
Guests: Attorney Alan Walter andThierry Matusiak from IBM

12:30-1 pm
Presentation of myDPO features: Impact Assessment and Subcontractor Relations


2:00-3:30 pm
Workshop 1
Managing Data Subject Requests

Workshop 2
Guest: Nassor Azad from Natixis

Workshop 3
Data Breach

4:00-5:30 pm
Workshop 4
Guest: Vincent Godinot from PMU

Workshop 5
Retention Periods
Guest: Claire Botherel Sayous from ADP

Workshop 6
Register and Action Plan
Guest: Christophe Droit from CDC Habitat