Customized DPO coaching

Our experts will help you to improve your skills
and gain independence on your DPO issues.

Your company has just appointed an internal DPO. This is a first step towards making your organisation compliant, congratulations !

However, the role of a DPO is not an easy one and acquiring the knowledge and skills required to carry out the duties is not an easy task.

Where to start, what to prioritize, which methodology, which tool to use ?

In order to help them in their new role, it is important for your DPO to get the support and guidance that will allow them to assume their role and all that it covers in hand.

The DPO coaching offered by DPO Consulting guides your DPO in a process of knowledge and skills development according to a plan tailored to best meet your needs and objectives. This service is dedicated to data protection managers and professionals.

Optimize your skills with personalized coaching !

Thanks to our theoretical and practical knowledge we are able to accompany you with a wide range of duties and thus support your DPO in several ways.

The objective : to support your in-house DPO in order to increase their skills and accompany them toward total independence in their duties.

Pioneers in the field of personal data protection in France, DPO Consulting’s coaches have solid experience and a varied knowledge of business sectors and organizational profiles. We are able to help you, whatever your sector of activity and the size of your structure.

We support your DPO with your organization’s GDPR compliance by providing an answer to all their questions, making them benefit from both an external view and our expertise acquired with our 600 client references around the world.

With DPO coaching, you are entitled to:


Several awareness sessions


Follow-up of the action plan


The evolution and updating of the register


The implementation of the documentation necessary to respect the principle of Accountability


Contract analysis


Complex issues analysis


The proposal of standard mentions


The proposal, validation and updating of procedures (management of data subjects’ rights, management of personal data breaches, etc.)

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