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DPO Consulting is a company specialised in personal data protection.

We are here to support you in the organisational and operational compliance of your business. Founded in 2015, DPO Consulting is a fully independent firm that shares the entrepreneurial spirit of its clients.

Our experts adapt quickly to all types of organization.

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What does
DPO means?

The appointment of a Data Protection Officer or “DPO”, whether internal or external, is stated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for all public or private entities that collect, store and/or process the personal data of an individual. This data controller has various skills and a key function to enable his company to be compliant.

In France, the DPO is the “Correspondant Informatique et Libertés” (CIL)’s successor, which simplified formalities to be made towards the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL), whose appointment was previously optional and whose obligations were limited. The entry into force of the GDPR on 25 May 2018 gave to the DPO  a key role within the company: the role of protector of users’ personal data.

According to the definition of the CNIL, the European regulation (GDPR) frames the processing and protection of personal data throughout the European Union. Indeed, whether public or private, each organisation/company must be able to prove that it is carrying out or has carried out actions that allow it to comply with the GDPR. This includes the appointment of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO).

The appointment of a DPO (to ensure that the GDPR is properly applied) is mandatory in the following cases:

  • You are a public body or authority, and
  • Data you are processing is considered “sensitive”, or
  • The personal data is subject to “large-scale” processing, or
  • Your business relies on profiling individuals for advertising purposes.

Created even before the GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation) came into force, recognized as an expert in its implementation in the European Union and beyond, DPO Consulting assists you in setting up actions and processes to enable your organisation to be in full compliance with the GDPR. Using expert tools, training and support adapted to your company for the processing and protection of personal data, DPO Consulting is able to propose to you a large scope of skills.

The European regulation (GDPR) imposes certain measures and missions on the DPO whose function is:

  • The creation and maintenance of a register of personal data processing,
  • Carrying out a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) when data processing is likely to cause high risks for individuals and their personal data,
  • The implementation of ethical processes respecting the principle of Privacy by Design,
  • The collection of consents and information on the rights of individuals,
  • The appointment of an internal or external DPO to apply the rules of the GDPR in the cases mentioned above.

DPO Consulting supports structures and companies concerned by the GDPR throughout their compliance. Small, medium and large companies, in all sectors of activity, we work every day to make data protection easier and more accessible to all!

With several years of experience developed and put into practice with several hundred clients/companies in the field of DPO and GDPR, the experts in data protection and processing, DPO Consulting knows how to adapt to your structure and your activity sector for the protection of users’ personal data. The support is provided as close as possible to the practice of your organisation / your DPO manager through tools, training…, so that the GDPR is no longer experienced as a constraint, but as an opportunity.

Training for the protection of personal data, DPO coaching, GDPR compliance audit, outsourcing of your DPO… We provide professionals (companies, local authorities…) with a range of GDPR services that will enable your DPO / your company to be fully compliant with the GDPR.

Users’ rights regarding the processing of personal data:

Users whose personal data has been processed by your DPO have a set of rights provided for by the laws in force. Among the rights of individuals:

  • To give their consent or not to the processing of their data
  • The right to be informed about the data that has been collected
  • The right to access their personal data
  • The right to rectify or delete their personal data
  • The right to limit the processing of their data
  • The right to object to the processing of data (in particular via the cookies set up on the websites)

Other rights are also granted to users, particularly in the context of profiling systems.

Many companies and structures are still not in compliance with the GDPR despite the application of this regulation. According to the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) and the law, in the event of an inspection, non-compliance with the GDPR exposes you to:

  • A financial penalty of up to several million euros
  • A suspension of personal data flows
  • Administrative fine
  • An obligation to quickly implement data processing
  • A temporary or permanent ban on the collection of personal data
  • Public publication of sanctions

Source: CNIL official website / government website

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