Outsourced DPO


Outsourced DPO

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a new key function set up by the RGPD.  His mission consists in organizing and maintaining your organization's compliance with applicable regulations regarding personal data.

Do we need to appoint a DPO ?

In some cases, the GDPR requires you to designate a DPO

Please complete the questionnaire to confirm the need to appoint a DPO :

Are you a public authority or public body?

Do you profile ?

Do your personal data processing involve more than 5,000 people ?

Do you process a large amount of personal data?

Do you process sensitive data ?

Do you process data relating to criminal convictions or offences ?

Do you process personal data as a a processor ?

Designating a DPO is: 

  • Reassure your partners by demonstrating your compliance with the GDPR
  • Prove to your customers that they can trust you and that their data is protected
  • Facilitate your compliance and its daily management

Why outsource this function to DPO Consulting?

Quality expertise

You have neither the time nor the expertise in-house, our firm specialized in personal data protection is a real guarantee of trust.

Saves time and flexibility

Reactive experts capable of adapting to the specificities of your business: DPO Consulting brings you clear and operational answers.

Controlled costs

You benefit from a package adapted to your needs and your budget.

A guarantee of compliance

An independent DPO is free from any conflict of interest and will facilitate your compliance and day-to-day management.

Provision of myDPO software available

The steering tool developed by our experts to facilitate the implementation of the obligations of theRGPD

Your 5 legged sheep

Legal expert, IT expert, conductor, risk management, facilitator!

Our Offer


You are a small company or start-up with a small budget and you do not have the time to deal with personal data protection.


DPO Consulting takes care of all the daily tasks of the DPO.


In addition to the daily missions, your DPO will accompany you even in the most difficult situations to manage (security breach, CNIL control...)


You are part of a group and you wish to share your DPO

Starter, classic or premium pack ?

Number of employees


If your company has more than 250 employees or if you want to share the function of DPO,
you can ask for a custom quote here here

Monthly price 2nd year
help_outline Writing deliverables documents
help_outline Maintening record of processing activities
help_outline Data privacy compliance program
help_outline Annual document audit and GDPR compliance
help_outlineAssistance in carrying out PIA (3 PIA per year)
help_outline Assistance in case of supervisory authority’s control (by control)
help_outline Half-yearly activity reporting (2 reports)
help_outline Assistance in case of personal data breach
help_outline On Boarding meeting
help_outline Advice on new processing
help_outline CPrivacy Impact Assessment Advice
help_outline Contact point and management of supervisory authorities requests
help_outline Annual GDPR Compliance Audit
help_outline Staff awarness (e-learning)
help_outline Annual report to the data controller
help_outline Data privacy and legal monitoring
help_outline Holding record of processing activities of the controller and the processor
help_outline Contact point of data subjetcs
help_outline Document management system
Monthly price 2nd year


Mutualisation pack

Included in the monthly price :

  • Controller's record of processing activities
  • Processor's record of processing activities
  • Advice on new processing
  • Privacy Impact Assessment advice
  • Contact point and management of supervisory authorities requests
  • Annual GDPR Compliance Audit
  • Staff awarness (e-learning)
  • Annual report to the data controller
  • Half-yearly activity reporting (2 reports)
  • Data privacy and legal monitoring

On quote:

  • Assistance in the implementation of projects
  • Annual document audit and GDPR compliance maintenance
  • Contact point for the data subjects
  • Assistance in case of supervisory authority's control
  • Support in case of personal data breach
  • Compliance Document Management
  • GDPR compliance program
  • Development of deliverables
  • On-site training