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The training courses designed by DPO Consulting are rich from our business and field expertise in companies of all sizes and sectors.

They will provide you with practical and operational knwoledge to carry out your daily tasks. In a learning environment with groups of participants not exceeding 12 people, our training courses are based on active, hands-on methodologies in order to involve learners as effectively as possible. This involves alternating theoretical and practical concepts that encourage learner participation. Thus, our training sessions are interactive and allow an assimilation of the concepts of personal data protection.”

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formation dpo certifiante

Train the Data Protection Officers to the obligations resulting from the RGPD.

DPO training

Training lasting 5 consecutive days. It consists of 10 modules of 3h30 each.

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formation rgpd certifiante

Mastering the tools needed to complete DPO (DPO) missions

Practical training

5 trainings: 4 trainings of 3h30 and 2 days training.



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formation dpo

The framework of the protection of personal data. Focus on personal data in HR treatments.

Expert Training

One-day training.



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dpo formation

Computer security for non computer scientists.

SSI trainings

Training lasting 2 days.



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What should be the profile of the DPO?

Although the European Regulation does not mention specific qualifications with regard to the DPO profile, it defines that the level of knowledge and experience required of an organization’s DPO should be determined by the complexity of the processing operations data. When assessing a candidate or creating an offer of employment for the position, the following qualifications should be taken into account:

  • Legal and technical knowledge: this includes an excellent knowledge of European and international data protection laws
  • Significant experience in computer programming or infrastructure, including certification to information security standards.
  • Significant experience in performing audits of information systems and risk assessment.
  • Technical knowledge of marketing methods (collecting consent, managing cookies, etc.)
  • Demonstrated leadership skills to achieve set goals, in coordination with stakeholders and ability to manage multiple projects at a time.
  • Demonstrated skills in customer relations to coordinate constantly with controllers and processors, while maintaining its independence, the relationship with the people concerned
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with a wide audience, from the board of directors to data subjects, from managers to IT staff and lawyers

Depending on the size, complexity, and sensitivity of data processing operations, organizations need to proactively decide on the qualifications and level of training required to protect their data. It is important to note that even if a DPO is authorized to perform other duties, the company must ensure that they do not cause any conflict of interest with their primary responsibilities. This is essential to ensure the independence of the DPO. In other words, the data protection officer can not occupy a post in an organization where he is authorized to decide on the purpose of the processing of personal data and the means by which it is processed. This is why it can hardly be also DSI or Marketing Manager.

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