EU Representative


The GDPR is a new European regulation that came into force on 25th of May 2018. This new regulation :

  • Extends the scope of the regulation outside the European Union
  • Increases the amount of fines in cases of non-compliance (2% to 4% of consolidated worldwide turnover)
  • Increases the rights of the persons whose data you process
  • Empowers companies to protect personal data and to process them lawfully, transparently and for a specific purpose.

In which cases are you concerned by the GDPR, even if your company is not established on the territory of the European Union?

The GDPR applies to you if the processing of your personal data is linked to:

  • the supply of goods or services to relevant persons in the European Union


  • the monitoring of the behaviour of these persons on the EU territory,

If the GDPR applies to you and you are not established in the EU, you must appoint a representative.

What is a representative for?

Appointing a representative allows you:

  • To be in compliance with Article 27 of the GDPR and to avoid a fine of 2% of consolidated worldwide turnover
  • Prove to your customers and partners that they can trust you and that you take care of their personal data
  • To receive advice on how to be or become GDPR compliant

Why appoint DPO Consulting as your representative?

Quality Expertise: our data protection experts allow our firm to provide services in which you can trust

An international firm: our firm has clients all over the world and all our consultants are multilingual

The subscription of “myDPO”: my DPO is made available to you to facilitate the implementation of the obligations of the GDPR

Our mission

  • Contact point for the supervisory authority
  • Contact point for the data subjects
  • Maintaining the record of processing activities
  • Management of your compliance documents
  • Advice on data privacy matters (through a chat, etc.)
  • Data privacy watch
  • Allow for your self-assessment via myDPO
  • Providing you with a toolbox of templates and letters
  • Taking privacy by design into account
  • Providing you with the « myDPO » subscription