GDPR and cyber compliance label

Why display a certification label on your website? What are the stakes and the added value?

1. State of play: fears and beliefs

According to the “The Consumer Data Give and Take” survey conducted by Deloitte and Delhaize among 15,000 consumers, 59% of French people are interested in receiving specific promotions based on their preferences or consumption habits. However, only 26% say they are willing to share their data.

There is a modern day paradox between quality ad targeting and protecting one’s privacy.

Also according to the same survey, there is a hierarchy of consumers’ “trust and beliefs” towards different players. These are organizations whose sharing legitimacy is more easily accepted by all people.

In the Top 3 we find: medical services, government institutions and large-scale distribution.

The e-commerce sites are far behind and yet they represent more than 200,000 websites in the French web ecosystem. They are representative of 10% of global retail sales in 2020, with a turnover increasing from €57 billion in 2014 to over €115 billion today. It is a sector in perpetual growth, which for the past 20 years has not stopped increasing (sales multiplied by 100 in 20 years), and which still has very good days ahead.

We are then in a position to ask ourselves:

Despite the fact that the share of e-commerce sites continues to grow, why does user confidence in these platforms remain mixed or even fearful?

Simply because 7 out of 10 French people are concerned about the information collected by websites (70%) and this same proportion feels that the personal data they provide on the Internet is poorly protected. Barely 54% of French people trust e-commerce websites about the security of their personal data, according to the survey from The 5th Edition of the Oracle Tech Observatory.

But then how do you reverse this trend and prove to consumers that their personal data is safe?

2. Showing your credentials: a first step towards user confidence

To gain the trust of its website users, a company can use a third party to obtain a badge of trust attesting that its personal data collection is GDPR compliant.

There are several badges of trust that you may have already seen that increase the credibility of a website when you visit. For example, the “Trustpilot” logo shows that other Internet users before you have already made a purchase on the website. A payment certified by Paypal, McAfee or Norton can help reassure future buyers.

What if there was a GDPR/web security compliance certification that reassures users about how their personal data is being used?

3. Compliance: a certification that meets GDPR expectations

To ensure that your prospects and customers visit your website with confidence, you can certify it as GDPR compliant and secure.

Designing a client journey that respects the user’s personal data is a differentiating element that allows you to display your societal commitments by giving people control over their personal data and by informing them of their rights: transparency of information, honest collection of consent, implementation of the exercise of rights, information on the cookies banner..

According to the Confédération des PME(CPME) survey:

3:4 entreprises

Three out of four companies are aware that they are subject to GDPR, but only 52% of them know what it entails.

76% of business owners collect only the data they believe is necessary to conduct their business.

Less than a third of companies (31%) keep obsolete data, believing it can still be useful.

Less than half of the companies (46%), obtain written consent from data subjects when collecting their personal data and have proof of it.

Obscure, difficult to understand and very often relegated to the background, GDPR is nevertheless a source of growth and competitive advantages for companies that have understood it.

GDPR now plays a prominent role on the brand image that an organization sends back to its prospects and clients in an ever more competitive market.

4. What does this certification contain?

With a comprehensive and detailed matrix built by our privacy and cybersecurity expertsbased on several important checkpoints, we will be able to establish the degree of compliance of your website.

If it meets the various criteria of the matrix,we will issue you a logo valid for one yearto be affixed to your website,proving to your prospects and customers that you are compliant with the regulations in force.

Thanks to this certification, you are sure to meet the CNIL’s requirements.Having a label is an excellent way to stand out from the competition, especially thanks to the fact that it reassures all of your stakeholders, because it is a guarantee of credibility and trust valuing your products and/or services, but also your company. It is an excellent means of internal and external communication.

The label is part of a CSR approach, which favors the improvement of processes and shows a willingness to commit to your employees, making it possible to increase and strengthen the feeling of belonging.

This label allows you to:



confidence by promoting a serious and responsible image of the company



business efficiency through data accuracy


Manage the company better

by asking the right questions about its activity and processes



data security and protect the company’s information assets


clients and principals by providing a competitive advantage



business by creating new services (for example with data portability or personalization).

5. More than a trend: a model to follow

As you have understood, the protection of personal data and the security of a website are not subjects to be taken lightly nor are they simple compliance issues. Today, it is a necessity wanted and demanded by consumers, which is becoming more and more important.

It is a deep movement carried by the European institutions which rallies to their causes several other countries like the USA, Mexico or South Korea.

This certification allows you to stand out, to show a clear commitment and to meet the requirements of GDPR.

If you want to know more about the certification,

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