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myDPO, the first compliance management software solution

myDPO is the essential tool that helps your company to easily implement all the legal obligations required by the European General Data Protection Regulation.

With its ergonomic design and multilingual interface, myDPO can be used by all actors involved in the processing of personal data of an organisation, such as the DPO (if there is one), the compliance department, the data controllers by delegation of power, the various employees concerned, operational staff, etc.

The monitoring of all activities related to personal data protection is simplified thanks to its various modules.

Designed by experts in personal data protection, myDPO allows you to :

  • Determine the maturity level of your company
  • Set up a tailor-made compliance action plan
  • Easily maintain a record of processing activities by guiding you step by step
  • Automatically conduct an evaluation of the risks for the processing of personal data you perform thanks to an artificial intelligence that will guide you on the need to conduct an impact analysis (PIA)
  • Manage data governance (managing the requests of data subjects, managing security breaches, conducting impact analysis, managing service providers, monitoring and reporting, etc.) 
  • Train your teams with e-learning materials
  • Centralize proof of compliance in a secure electronic vault

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