SSI training
Computer security for non computer scientists.

You will learn

– Integrate the security of the internal processes of an IT department;

– Master the fundamental principles of data security;

– Pilot an audit of computer security;

– Integrate security into the heart of business processes;

– Conduct a data protection impact assessment (DIP).



  1. Reminder on the requirements of the RGPD
  2. Scope of the GDPR

Integrate security into IT processes

  1. The development of big data
  2. Outsourcing information systems and the use of cloud computing
  3. The fundamental concepts: “privacy by design” and “privacy by default”: Integrating security in project processes and operating processes

The main computer attacks and associated protection measures: technical and organizational

  1. The attacks on the availability of information systems: denial of services, cryptolocker …
  2. Authentication mechanisms: their benefits and limitations
  3. The most used attacks on websites: hijacking user sessions, data leaks …
  4. Securing computer networks
  5. Securing office services: the workstation, internet browsing, the use of messaging …
  6. Violation of personal data
  7. Anonymize personal data

Guarantee the rights of the people concerned

  1. Transparency and information
  2. Permission to access
  3. Right of rectification and erasure (right to digital oblivion)
  4. Right to limitation of treatment
  5. Right to portability
  6. Right of opposition
  7. Ensuring data transfers outside the EU

Practical information

Required level: Good knowledge of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Concerned audience: Any person who must work with a DPO, who has been or may be appointed as a DPO
Languages: French
Duration: 2 Days
Rates: 1119 euros HT/person

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