Consulting & Assistance


DPO Consulting is a consulting company that specializes in the protection of personal data and that assists companies of all sizes in their compliance to the new regulation.

Our teams' expertise ranges from helping you detect non-compliances to assisting you in BAU (Business As Usual), all for the purpose of turning your GDPR compliance into a real competitive edge.

Pragmatic, responsive and operational, our teams know how to adapt to the most complex environments. We base our approach on collaboration, and that allows us to alleviate workloads and facilitate the transfer of skills. This mindset enables your teams to incorporate the solutions we implement, and favors the sharing of a real compliance culture within your company.


Step 1

Assess your compliance level

  • Identify and analyze the gaps
  • Map all processing activities
  • Assess processing activities
  • Draft an action plan for compliance

Step 2

Bring together around a program

  • Determine roles and responsibilities (RACI)
  • Estimate the costing in man-days
  • Vote the budget for the plan
  • Create a project team

Step 3

Become compliant

  • Appoint a DPO
  • Implement the action plan
  • Modify the process

Step 4

Ensure sustainability of compliance on the long term

  • Ensure transition between the project phase and the RUN mode
  • Carry out regular audits
  • Document and approve new projects
  • Train and raise awareness

A process based on:

A tailored assistance by our data privacy experts.

Recommendations that are customized to fit your size and your privacy issues.