Webinar – Websites and GDPR Compliance: Focus on Cookies

Publié le 14 March 2023

A websiteis an essential element of corporate communication.

It is a source of collection and processing of personal data by various means including the use of files called “cookies” stored on the visitor’s browser.

As the company’s primary showcase and something that is easily understandable, it is the subject of regular inspections by the CNIL, which has announced a reinforcement of inspections for cookies from April 2021.

In addition to carrying out an awareness campaign by mail sent to public and private sector actors, the CNIL has published a press release on its website on February 4 to encourage all website and app publishers to comply.

We therefore offer you this second webinar on this topic relating to the use of cookies that is more topical than ever! It will address the following points:

• What are the new applicable rules regarding cookies?
• How conduct an audit of my website?
• What information should be included within a cookie policy ?
• What information should be provided regarding cookie banners ?
• How is meaningful consent gathered for depositing cookies?
• Do I really need to collect consent?
• How do I keep evidence of consent collection? What is a CMP and how do you choose one?

During a 45-minute webinar, the Cabinet CHABERT & Associés-avocats dedicated to IT law (Maitre BIALEK in charge of the “personal data” department), and the Cabinet DPO CONSULTING (Mr. Sylvain CHEMTOB, director of the South-East branch) will give you the keys to make your website compliant regarding the use of cookies.

The combination of specialized legal expertiseand solid practical experience in GDPR compliance provide all the added value of this webinar.

Sign up for this webinar and learn more about the priority actions you need to implement to make your cookie policy compliant!