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  • Publish:22/10/2019
    The advent of internet and social networks has given birth to e-reputation, a new digital component of reputation in its traditional sense. With it, has appeared the issue of the “right to be forgotten”, which is composed of the right to erasure (art. 17 of the GDPR) and of the right to be de-referenced (consecrated […]Moreover
  • Publish:15/10/2019
    DPO Consulting Sud Est has set up a specific compliance program for sneaker clubs affiliated to the National Basketball League. Zoé Durand traveled across France to visit each of these structures in order to make a detailed inventory of treatments, to establish their maturity according to the requirements of the RGPD and finally to leave […]Moreover
  • Publish:07/10/2019
    The implementation of a national strategy for artificial intelligence in the health sector requires the collection of data, their organization and the regulation of their access and use. Article L1462-1 of the French Public Health Code, based on Act No. 2019-774 of 24 July 2019 on the organisation and transformation of the health system[1] , thus […]Moreover
  • Publish:06/09/2019
     1. Facebook never ceases to be under the spotlight   This could be promising, but these remarks need to be moderated in a half-tone. Facebook, through its CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to be in the limelight. With its announcements on new features, the social network wants to further expand its position on the market including the […]Moreover
  • Publish:03/09/2019
    When hearing “web tracking”, it is hard to not think of the image of hunting a prey across a field, the term is impressive or even frightening. While surfing the net, you may have already wondered what footprint remains behind you? Who is behind the web tracking? What does the law state to protect you? […]Moreover