Portrait : Kimberley Lobry
Publish 21/05/2019

After several years at the CNIL, Kimberley Lobry is now a consultant in personal data protection at DPO Consulting.

How long have you been specialized in the protection of personal data?

I have been practicing in this field for 5 and a half years now.

Why did you choose this path?

The job of consultant allows me to get closer to companies and their problems. In this business, what I like is to help these companies reconcile their needs with the need to comply, which is not always easy because they do not always understand the benefits of the regulation and see it as a constraint.

What solutions are you able to provide to your customers?

Because companies are often overwhelmed by data protection, it is important to provide them with pragmatic solutions that are adapted to their business. With the implementation of the GDPR and all the publicity that has been given to it, companies are aware of the issues (both for their image and their portfolio) and need solutions that they can easily apply and that will guarantee them optimal compliance.

What is your number one priority in your missions?

I am extremely attentive to the needs of my customers, so it is very important for me to understand the needs of the company and demystify data protection to enable them to realize that solutions exist to be in compliance with regulations.

If you had to describe data protection in one sentence, what would it be?

Protecting data means successfully reconciling the need to process data with respect for the rights and freedoms of individuals.