Portrait : Bernadette Dolly Kouetha
Publish 21/05/2019

Bernadette Dolly Kouetha, consultant at DPO Consulting, shared her experience and motivation with us.

How long have you been specialized in the protection of personal data?

I have been specialising in data protection since 2012.

Why did you choose this path?

I chose this field because compliance with the European regulation and its practical application raise new issues on a daily basis, not all of which have yet been solved. As a consultant, I wanted to contribute by offering pragmatic solutions to companies that would enable them to comply while making compliance a competitive advantage.

What solutions are you able to provide to your customers?

On a daily basis, I assist my clients in the implementation of the new obligations of the European regulation, such as the obligation to carry out a privacy impact analysis by organising  this analysis on transversal and structuring projects for them. I also provide my clients with concrete solutions that enable them to implement a Privacy By Design approach for all their new projects.

What is your number one priority in your missions?

My first priority = is to help my clients understand the issues involved in each regulatory requirement. Understanding the implications of a text helps to demystify it and to better reflect on its practical application.

If you had to describe data protection in one sentence, what would it be?

The protection of personal data is not an obstacle to technology or innovation, but rather a source of imagination that must benefit both the company and the public.