Portrait : Laetitia Charles
Publish 25/10/2018

How long have you been specialized in data protection?
I have just finished my studies and the field of personal data protection has quickly established itself as an interesting field. I have now been working on the subject more closely and in a more hands-on way for a year, thanks in particular to my internship at DPO Consulting. I have been here for four months, and I feel I have already learned so much.

Why did you choose this path?
The energy and general enthusiasm surrounding the implementation of the GDPR immediately attracted me. We are fortunate to be specialized in a rapidly evolving law: the “learning by doing” aspect is therefore very enriching. The emergence of social networks and more targeted marketing have changed our relationship with others and society, so it is interesting to see the other side of the coin from a legal point of view.

What do you think of your experience as an intern at DPO Consulting?
Learning a complex method with data protection experts is very challenging for me. DPO Consulting teams have quickly established themselves as pioneers, so it is very rewarding to work and learn with them and to apply what I have learned throughout my curriculum.

DPO Consulting is made up of different poles: consulting, outsourced DPO, the compliance tool myDPO… Which one do you like the most and why?
The outsourced DPO department is the one in which my actions are most frequent, and it is therefore naturally that I invest a lot in missions. I really appreciate the contact with people in my daily life, and working for clients who trust us motivates me every day to give the best of myself and to surpass myself. An internship at DPO Consulting is not about making coffee….. (laughs) it is continuous learning and the opportunity to prove yourself.