Meet the people who make DPO Consulting with Salomé Thibaut

Publié le 14 March 2023
Salome Thibaut

Meet Salomé THIBAUT, Head of the External DPO Department at DPO Consulting Paris.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us why you joined DPO Consulting?

Salomé Thibaut: With master’s degrees in international law and private law from the University of Cergy-Pontoise, my career path first led me to international contract law. Very quickly I became interested in data protection and worked as a GDPR consultant for more than 5 years. I managed more than thirty clients, from all sectors, but mainly key accounts and the medical and social sector. I was also in charge of opening branches in France and abroad, as well as training the teams. As a certified DPO, it was only natural for me to join the team at DPO Consulting, the leading company in the data protection market and a company in constant evolution, always looking for improvement and well-being of its teams, as Head of the External DPO Department.

What is your vision of the maturity of companies when it comes to personal data protection?

Salomé Thibaut: Today, most companies know what personal data is, what their obligations are and above all the sanctions they incur in the case of non-compliance. However, this is only the case in theory…

In practice, they often have difficulty in understanding all the impacts that GDPR has on their activities, they do not respect the appropriate formalism and are very often get lost in the enormous numer of actions to be taken. This is where we come in!

How do you see the year 2022 and what are your ambitions for the External DPO Department?

Salomé Thibaut: This beginning of 2022 has already been filled with emotion and will remain so for sure. Filled with new clients to bring into compliance and continuous improvement of our tools and processes. I have many ambitions for this department, all of which are part of an objective to build an expert team, motivated by client satisfaction. In a few words, a responsive, available, flexible, expert and calm division. 2022, we are here!