Meet the people who make DPO Consulting with Muriel Dupré

Publié le 14 March 2023
Muriel dupré

Meet Muriel DUPRÉ, Sales Manager for myDPO Solutions in the DPO Consulting Group.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us why you joined myDPO Solutions?

With a strong background in marketing, management and business development, I have worked in various sectors: CAD/CAM, photovoltaics, business and consumer services. I have always been attracted to winning and retaining customers, product launches, marketing services and technological products, and establishing and leading partnerships.

In 2020, I did a short stint in a start-up where I discovered the data protection market. Following this, in 2021 I joined the Sud Est subsidiary of the DPO Consulting group where I developed the commercial services of consulting, training and outsourced DPO with new customers so that together we reached the mark of more than €1 million in turnover, a great success for the subsidiary. In 2022, the DPO Consulting group marked a breakthrough in the GDPR process digitalization market with the release of the new version of myDPO: I had the chance to meet the team and the management with whom we shared the same values based on respect, benevolence, team spirit and excellence, values dear to the DPO Consulting group! I immediately wanted to join the team, to take up the challenge of conquering new market shares for myDPO and to contribute in my own way to become an actor in the digital transformation of organizations.

It’s an unprecedented motivation to participate and contribute to the growth of a company in a booming market, to bring all your energy, experience and understanding of the market to satisfy the needs of new customers looking for simple and effective solutions like ours. I love my job, in which I accompany people on a daily basis who want to initiate procedures but don’t know how to do it, compare the solutions on the market and realize how easy it is to use myDPO associated with its collaborative mode.

I joined myDPO Solutions because I believe in our ability to innovate and satisfy our clients’ needs, and above all I believe in our professional, united and responsive team.

What is the interest for a company to be equipped in order to manage its GDPR compliance?

myDPO digitizes the GDPR compliance process and contributes to the overall digital transformation of the organization. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, myDPO implements a risk-based approach to your GDPR compliance, automating tasks and leveraging data.

With myDPO, our technology brings you real added value, allows you to save time and to maintain your compliance with GDPR over time.

myDPO is designed for all organizations, of all sizes and sectors. The platform is collaborative, ergonomic, complete, easy to use and compliant with GDPR requirements: all of these assets have seduced the 20,000 users of myDPO and our 600 customer references.

myDPO is composed of 8 modules to audit your company, formulate a customizable action plan, keep and update your records (DC and DP), train your staff with 39 integrated tutorials, easily identify and establish your PIAs with an adapted workflow, centralize your documents, manage your service providers and assess their compliance in an automated way via a form adapted to the level of risk, manage your security breaches and data subject rights requests, access your toolbox, monitor your compliance with a dashboard and statistics pages, benefit from our DPO and technical assistance as well as our training offered upon delivery.

Did you know? myDPO is supported by BPI France, CPME and the Order of Pharmacists, Member of Syntec numérique, WINNER of the 2018 Organic Growth Award, CNIL Coffre-fort Numérique Label for the embedded safe solution.

It’s easy: ask for a demo!

What is your ambition for myDPO Solutions for 2022?

I was able to benefit from an excellent integration within the group, which increases my ambition within the company tenfold. My goal is of course to reach – or even exceed – the growth objectives of our company. What I want most is to be in line with the company’s objectives, the needs of my colleagues, my clients and partners. I am developing a synergy with my clients and our myDPO team because I need to be successful in the long term to make myDPO and our company shine in the market. I am building fruitful relationships with partners to develop myDPO’s network and create dynamic and long-lasting alliances that allow us not only to convey a good image of our company but also to deploy our solution to the greatest number of people.

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