Meet the people who make DPO Consulting with Fabien Crozet and Dorian Jorry

Publié le 14 March 2023

Meet Fabien Crozet, Director of DPO Consulting Occitanie and Dorian Jorry, co-founder and COO of Riskee.

Who are you and can you introduce yourself?

Fabien CROZET: After several years in the field of medical research and operational IT project management, I joined DPO Consulting to develop the group’s activities in the Occitanie region, as President of the branch in this sector.

Dorian JORRY: I am the co-founder and COO of Riskee. After several experiences in consulting and sales, I decided to create Riskee with my partner to facilitate and improve the distribution of insurance to professionals. Through our digital solution, we allow companies to subscribe to insurance policies tailored to their needs, via a unique customer experience. We have also launched the Cockpit by Riskee which allows professionals to centralize all their insurance contracts in a single space while automating their management.

What are the GDPR issues for a company like Riskee?

Fabien CROZET: By offering cyber insurance to its customers, Riskee must reassure its own clients by implementing security measures and also advise its own clients on the need to do the same. Indeed, the GDPR compliance process is a way to prove that the right security measures, both technical and organizational, have been put in place.

Dorian JORRY: At Riskee, we pay particular attention to GDPR given our sensitive sector. We make our clients and policyholders aware of the importance of cybersecurity and the protection of data that this implies. Thus, we take various measures on an ongoing basis to improve our IT security. The security of the Riskee solution and the stored data are a priority for Riskee as much for the trust and the quality of the relationship with our customers as with our partners. All exchanges with our customers are secured, access to accounts are highly authenticated, contractual data are saved on specific servers and disconnected.

In addition, data in our industry is a crucial element to evaluate and analyze the relevance of products and coverages. It represents a tremendous amount of value that needs to be protected.

What is the overlap between insurance, cybersecurity and GDPR, and what are the trends for the next few years?

Fabien CROZET: The foundation of GDPR compliance is based on the accountability of companies that must demonstrate that they have implemented security measures to protect their personal data. And as such, the implementation of such measures to protect against cyberattacks has become essential. All the measures taken and the associated documentation constitute an insurable framework so that insurance brokers such as Riskee can offer their customers cyber insurance.

The security issues in the current context where cyberattacks are multiplying and where VSBs/SMEs are often the most vulnerable, make it increasingly necessary to use such insurance while taking responsibility thanks to GDPR which provides a framework of good practices to secure its data.

Dorian JORRY: GDPR and cybersecurity insurance are closely linked, you can’t have one without the other. Indeed, in order to be insured in cybersecurity, certain conditions must first be fulfilled, particularly with regard to data security and the actions implemented.

The current tense context illustrated by the conflict in Ukraine accentuates the cyber risk to which SMEs are the most exposed. Data protection is therefore a crucial issue and can be addressed by GDPR as well as cyber insurance which will allow companies to be supported and covered to protect themselves and respond effectively in the event of an incident.

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