Meet the people who make DPO Consulting with Alexandre Marin

Publié le 14 March 2023
alexandre marin

Meet Alexandre Marin, Business Developer DPO Consulting Group for Southern Europe and Latin America.

Who are you?

I started my professional life in Latin America as a litigation lawyer in labor law. In 2005, in parallel to my profession as a lawyer, I created “Universitas Fundacion”, a legal training start-up that became a benchmark in Latin America and was a director there for 10 years. I ended these experiences after 15 years as a lawyer and 10 years as director of Universitas, when I moved to Europe in 2015.

Between 2016 and 2017, I worked at the International Labor Office in Geneva in the International Standards Department, first as a consultant and then as a lawyer. In 2018, I started an Executive MBA in digital transformation at Toulouse Business School. I had the opportunity to conduct several strategy consulting assignments and I discovered the field of personal data protection. In September 2018, I decided to enroll in ISEP’s Specialized Master’s Degree in Management and Personal Data Protection and joined an external DPO firm as a Data Protection Manager. In 2020, I obtained both degrees. In 2021, I started a Master’s degree in Internet and Information Systems Law (MSI) at the University of Strasbourg and did an internship in the group DPO department of an international energy consortium.

In April 2022, it is with great enthusiasm that I joined the international department of DPO Consulting as Head of International Development for Southern Europe and Latin America, a position that combines my skills with, on the one hand, my business and strategy hat and, on the other hand, my data lawyer hat.

What is the project and objective of the International Department for the Southern Europe and South America zones?

Going international means updating our strategy. This is why we are launching a reflection on our objectives, our tools, our methods, our processes and all the strategic invariables.

We will first tackle the Corporate and Business strategy and then launch into the international go to market strategy.

The conclusions and analyses will allow us to define a harmonized and coherent strategy.

My goal is to achieve internationalization in several South American countries by the end of 2022, and then in 2023 in other countries of Latin America and Southern Europe.

This development towards Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries is part of the continuation of the DPO Consulting Group to increase its presence in other countries.

A great challenge to take up, both professionally and personally, to which I am committed to lead DPO Consulting, a “French success story” that has become a scale-up, towards new adventures abroad.