GDPR is also a question of Data maturity

Publié le 14 March 2023

Take part in the AURA Data Maturity Observatory!

The Data Maturity Observatory is a major survey with the objective of helping you understand how enterprise data is valuated. From the results, we distill different maturity profiles of organizations based on their data practices and uses. The Observatory highlights the priority needs of companies, in terms of tools and skills, to better exploit the data collected in their activities. Finally, we want to make you aware of the issues and opportunities related to better data control (in compliance with regulations and GDPR!)

After an initial survey conducted in 2020 and reaching 170 respondents, business leaders and managers of VSBs, SMEs and middle-market companies in the Occitanie Region, Datasulting and DPO Consulting Sud Est have launched the Observatory on the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in partnership with many actors and associations, to unite the largest number of actors and reach the maximum number of regions.

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Assess your data compliance in a few minutes and completely anonymously. At the end of the survey you will get your data maturity radar and your first recommendations.