Innovation Challenge

Dathack is an innovation challenge, in the form of a hackathon, that aims to bring together the brightest minds in the world of data protection in one place in order to develop applicable data protection regulations.

By team, the objective is to collect from the participants a finalized document, in the form of a deliverable, presenting solutions a specific problem, without a clear answer to date and which poses real issues in the daily practices of DPOs.

This deliverable will be a reference in the world of DPOs, and all institutions will be able to rely on it to produce a reference framework.

The challenge is open to professionals in the world of data protection (DPOs, lawyers, attorneys, developers, cybersecurity engineer, etc.) for the “All Star” award;

as well as to students and recent graduates with less than one year of experience (in law school, DPO diploma, corporate organization, cybersecurity or development school) with the “Rookie

A main theme

New uses and
data protection



International Data Transfers


Using AI in marketing processes


of portability

The stages of the challenge



Until March 15th


An in-depth look

from March 25th to April 26th



May 21st

A new and innovative challenge
concerning data protection

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