The new adequacy decision with the United States 

Since the invalidation of the Privacy Shield, legal departments and DPOs have been busy putting in place Standard Contractual Clauses for all data transfers to the US.  More recently, following the Schrems II ruling, additional measures were to be put in place.  However, the approval of the Data Privacy Framework has changed all that. What...
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GDPR representative in the EU, what are the risks in case of non-appointment?

Nowadays, the GDPR’s extraterritoriality (Article 3.2) and its related obligation to designate a representative in the EU (Article 27) are some of its best-known features. According to these, any entity without a European establishment but nevertheless subject to the GDPR must appoint a dedicated representative in the EU. The role and responsibilities of the latter...

Agile, compliant, suitable: the outstanding support for software solutions

IT support is the customer’s point of contact when he needs to be guided in the use of the software or when he encounters a difficulty in its handling. From this interaction comes a privileged relationship where the client embraces the position of user, the commercial relationship being temporarily set aside. The IT support therefore...

Outsourcing your DPO, a guarantee of compliance and trust

Established by the GDPR, the DPO is at the heart of the organizations’ compliance system. Its role, status and missions reflect the importance given to it by the legislator. In this respect, even when its appointment is not mandatory, it remains strongly recommended to appoint one (I) and to outsource it to an expert firm...